Frequently Asked Questions


Is there a height requirement for u17?

Yes! For all of our Under 17 drivers they do need to meet the height requirement of 1.5m (4ft 11), we are very strict upon this due to health and safety regulations.

Can I buy a voucher amount or do I need to decide on an experience?

In purchasing a voucher you do need to decide on an experience however this experience can be amended and upgraded.

I don’t have my driving licence to hand is this a problem?

No, as long as you hold a full licence please do still attend your experience, you are signing a disclaimer at the time of sign in confirming you are a full licence holder and we are also able to have a quick call with the DVLA if further confirmation is needed.

Can I book a particular driver?

Our drivers are all fantastic but if you do have a preference on a driver we can make a recommendation that would like to drive with them, we cannot at any time guarantee a driver.

Can I book a particular vehicle?

We cannot guarantee vehicles in advance, again we can make a recommendation on your behalf and look to see what is available on the day.

Can you bring dogs to the building?

We cannot allow any dogs in the building other than our service area, we do have grassed areas adjacent to our building however we do not recommend bringing them if possible as our track can startle them. Guide dogs are welcome throughout the building.

Can I share an experience?

No, much like our AMG ethos ‘ONE MAN ONE ENGINE’ all of our driving experiences are for one driver.
If you are looking to add passengers to adult experiences this can be done in advance or on the day for an additional £15pp- passengers for Under 17 experiences are Free of charge, we do limit to 2 passengers in each vehicle.

I have bought a voucher for someone else but it’s in my name is this a problem?

No this is not a problem this can be amended when they call us to book.

Is there a height or weight restriction to the experiences?

No, within reason we will look to find the best vehicle for you, most of our fleet are saloon vehicles however we can advise on the best vehicles for height and weight if necessary over the phone 0370 400 4000.

How much drive time will I get?

As with all of our experiences there is a short seat set up at the beginning of each experience to ensure the driver is happy with seating position, mirrors and dynamics of the vehicle, this usually takes around 5 mins. You will be with your driving specialist for the full duration of the experience.

Do we offer Work Experience?

Sadly not, as Mercedes-Benz World is made up of a variety of departments we are unable to offer Work Experience or placements, however if you are looking to gain experience from our brand then please contact your local dealership for further information.

Do I need to wear anything in particular?

No, please just attend in clothes you are comfortable in, if you are driving with us please take footwear in to consideration, we do not recommend driving in flip flops, stilettos or high heels.

What do I need to bring with me on the day?

If you are attending an Adult driving experience you will need to bring your photo card licence with you on the day.
For under 17s experiences if you have attended previously you will have been issued with a log book and lanyard, you will need to bring this to each experience to keep up on our rewards scheme.

Can I bring my own cameras/ go pro?

Photos and videos can be taken around the building, in regards to our experiences we cannot allow filming form the back of the vehicle. We do offer experiences to be filmed from a mounted on board camera available to purchase for £30.

If I’m pregnant can I still drive?

Whilst we have no strict ruling on this, we do not recommend driving or passengering whilst pregnant, with fast cornering and 0-60 exercises our AMGs provide a thrilling high adrenaline experience. If you are pregnant and are still looking to enjoy our experiences please inform a member of our track team and your driver.

Can I drive my own car on track?

No, we cannot allow any other vehicles on our tracks.

Additional FAQs

What are my invoicing key dates?

We require cleared funds for the full event total within 14 days of the invoice date or 14 days prior to your event date, whichever falls first.
Payment can be made via cheque made payable to Mercedes-Benz World, credit or debit card (subject to certain restrictions), BACS or CHAPS.
Payment for any items to be charged post event is to be received 7 days after the event date with a maximum allowance of £500.00.

As an agent, can I claim commission?

We offer 10% commission + VAT on all items at contract. Commission claims need to be sent post event based on the prepaid net amount. Claims sent prior to 16th of each month will be paid within the month, those sent after will be paid the following month.

What time can I gain access to set up before my event?

Our usual hours are 8am- 6pm any timings outside of these hours please arrange with your Event Coordinator – charges may apply.

When can I deliver equipment/items for my event?

Mercedes-Benz World will agree on occasion to accept deliveries on behalf of the client in advance of their event. Mercedes-Benz World takes no responsibility for the safe keeping or protection of such deliveries against, including but not limited to weather, theft, loss or damage. The responsibility of these deliveries remains with the client at all times.
Car registrations that require access to the delivery yard must be provided prior to the event date.
The length of time required in the delivery yard must be stated and therefore a time slot provided by Mercedes-Benz World.
Packages are able to be delivered on the morning of your event only and must have the event, client name and Event Coordinator name clearly labelled. All equipment brought on-site must be removed the same day. Please contact your Event Coordinator should you wish to hire storage space.
If the above points are not adhered to packages will not be accepted and therefore returned to the original sender.

Driving Experience FAQs

How long do I need to allocate for a track safety briefing and how will this work?

We allocate 30 minutes before your driving experience for a track safety briefing. You will be provided with a suite where a host and a driving specialist will take you through the safety briefing. Each driver must show their driving licenses and sign the risk acknowledgement forms.

How do I prepare for my driving experience?

Please bring your driving license for approval. Sensible footwear must be worn; no flip flops, sandals, or heels will be allowed.

Do you only accept UK driving licenses?

No, we accept all driving licenses. For American driving licence the guest must be more than 21 years old.

Can we record our driving experiences?

USB sticks are available to purchase at £30.00 + VAT per stick, per person.

Can everyone do the driving experience?

Yes, everyone with a driving license can participate in driving, non drivers can be passengers. We do not recommend to partake if you have a health condition or are pregnant.

How many people are allowed per car?

You are allowed 3 per car with our driver. We can accommodate the car with 2 guests which would occur an extra charge of £25 + VAT.

What car will we be driving?

A range of AMG cars such as A45, C63 and the CLS. On the 4x4 track our GLE and G-Class vehicles are available. All cars will be allocated accordingly and subject to availability.