AMG Driving Academy

AMG Driving Academy Training


Under the guidance of our AMG Pro-Drivers, AMG Driving Academy Training explores and pushes personal limits, experiencing thrilling performance, and enjoying every moment to the absolute fullest.

Our AMG PERFORMANCE-Training half-day course on the purpose-built track facilities at Mercedes-Benz World combines advanced driving theory with real track experience to refine your performance driving skills. Explore the handling capabilities of AMG in extreme conditions so you know what to expect from the car and yourself in any driving situation.

AMG Driving Academy

AMG PERFORMANCE PLUS-Training Full Day Experience.

An intensive one-to-one performance driving
programme with a Pro-driver over a full day
at Mercedes-Benz World, with lunch
provided for £1850.

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Progress through the levels of the AMG Driving Academy to develop a real mastery of the
vehicle and push your personal limits. Work with the track seasoned AMG Pro-Driver Team
and fellow members of the world’s fastest family to achieve the best individual performance possible.
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  • AMG PERFORMANCE Half Day Experience.

    Take your driving skills to another level. £1,150.

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  • AMG GT PERFORMANCE PLUS Full Day Experience.

    A full day of driving skills training in the Mercedes-AMG GT with lunch provided. £2,450.

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  • AMG ADVANCED Two Day Experience.

    Two full days, one at the Mercedes-Benz World tracks and one at Silverstone Circuit, including meals and hotel for two nights £4,750.

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