Best of both driving experiences

Have the best of both worlds and experience the handling tracks and the 4x4 off-road tracks.

Compare the raw power and exhilaration of driving the high performance Mercedes-AMG 43 to the extreme handling and agility of a Mercedes-Benz GLE off road, with a thrilling Best of Both 1 Hour Experience at Mercedes-Benz World. On our Handling Circuits and 10-acre off-road course, discover what makes each car so different and each car so special. With expert one-to-one guidance from a Driving Specialist in the passenger seat, spend 30 minutes with a Mercedes-AMG 43 experiencing unbelievable torque, traction and breathtaking acceleration on our Handling Circuits, Wet Straight and Dynamic Straight. Develop your performance driving skills and even try your hand at power-sliding on the Wet Skid Circle. Spend a further 30 minutes exploring our 10-acre off-road terrain. Tackle steep inclines, water crossings and axle-twisting obstacles with a Mercedes-Benz GLE and find out how it handles even the most extreme terrain with ease. This is an action-packed driving adventure that lets you experience two completely different vehicles on two completely different surfaces in one adrenaline-fuelled hour of pure driving excitement.

We also have the Ultimate Best of Both, where you can experience the high performance of a Mercedes-AMG 63 to the handling of a Mercedes-Benz G Class.

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